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Governance and Policies

All Parish Councils have to discharge their duties and powers within the law and according to their governance policies on the conduct of meetings and financial matters. These policies, procedures and charges are reviewed regularly and updated when appropriate.

Parish Councillor's are required to observe the Code of Conduct which sets out the standards of behaviour that Councillors are expected to adhere to. The register of interest is available at  https://babergh-self.achieveservice.com/service/Public_Parish_Members_Register_of_Interests.

Under the Freedom of Information Act it is the duty of every Parish Council to adopt and maintain a publication scheme. The Scheme provides a list of all the information the parish council makes routinely available, explains how it can be accessed and whether or not a charge is made for it. It is important that all sections of the community can access the council’s information, and systems are in place to make the listed information available to the public as easily as possible.  Where possible, information will be placed on the Parish Council web-site and where this is not possible the information needed to be made available and / or sent to the person requesting it.

The Policies & Procedures, Protocols and Terms of Reference that have been adopted by Bramford Parish Council are available below for you to download and read: