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Tye Lane to become a Quiet Lane.

22 February 2021

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Bramford PC intends to support Suffolk County Council’s proposals to designate Tye Lane as a Quiet Lane.

Quiet Lanes are minor rural roads, typically C or unclassified routes, which have been designated by local highway authorities to pay special attention to the needs of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other vulnerable road users, and to offer protection from speeding traffic. Cars are not banned from Quiet Lanes and the use of Quiet Lanes is shared. Measures such as lower speed limits and discrete road signs aim to encourage drivers to slow down and be considerate to more vulnerable users who can in turn use and enjoy country lanes in greater safety, with less threat from speeding traffic.

A pdf Map of the proposed Quiet Lane can be viewed bellow, together with the Notification Order Schedule. 



Information which can also be viewed on the public consultation page on www.QuietLanesSuffolk.co.uk

Tye Laxxne