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Playing field and playground is open.

29 July 2020

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The public should adhere to social distancing in accordance with existing government guidance.  Parents, guardians and carers, should remain aware of the residual risk.

Potential measures to facilitate social distancing include:

As an advisory; Parents, guardians and carers should limit on the maximum number of users able to use a playground at any one time.

Lmiting the number of users able to use a particular piece of equipment to minimise the transmission risk of COVID-19.

We request those using the play area to only have 1 family member accompanying a child, limiting the available number of seats on equipment or numbers of swings available to promote social distancing, including for parents, carers or guardians who might push children on swings for example.

We rely on common sense and please be careful.  Keep safe, clean you hands after use.  Thank You!

Guidance and support on Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found on the government website.