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Last chance to respond

10 March 2014

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Today is the last chance to respond to the Ipswich Borough Council local plan consultation.

We have had a response to questions I raised regarding the choice of potential sites.

In response to your e-mail dated 20th February 2014, sites were considered in areas where there has been unauthorised encampments however the Council cannot allocate a site unless there is certainty that it can be delivered. Therefore sites in private ownership were discounted without assessment for this reason. We attach a map showing the sites considered in informing the draft Site Allocations and Policies development plan document. The Council considered the sites in its ownership in accordance with the adopted Core Strategy and Policies development plan document (December 2011) policy CS11. A copy of this assessment has already been sent to you. No other options have been considered as part of the local plan process.
In respect of the sites required over the plan period, the draft policy DM41 in the draft Site Allocations and Policies development plan document states:
The Council will work with neighbouring authorities to identify suitable sites to meet future needs arising in Ipswich as identified in the GTAA (2013) for years 6 to 15 within the Ipswich Policy Area’ (p. 34).
The Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment (GTAA) (October 2013) is available to view on the Council’s website.
The proposed site at River Hill was identified to meet the five-year supply requirements of 5 pitches to 2017. However as stated above the Council is taking into consideration the representations received in respect of this site.
No specific consideration has been given to the concentration of pitches on the Western fringe of Ipswich and again the Council will take this into consideration in reviewing the representations received.

The map is shown on our Council pages under Ipswich plan

Our agenda for the March meeting is now online.