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IBC Consultation - Gypsy and Traveller Site

23 January 2014

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We have been looking at http://www.ipswich.gov.uk/consultations  and the proposal to allocate a new Gypsy and Traveller site opposite Lumberjacks on River Hill.   I am sure many will have strong feelings about this proposal and Bramford Parish Council is urgently organising a planning meeting which the public can attend.   We will advise the date and meeting place as soon as we can.

Please remember that Gypsies and Travellers have special status in planning law and we have to find good reasons, within the law, if we are to object to this proposal.   Some of us will feel especially strongly about this as we have recently seen another gypsy site authorised at the edge of the village.   It will not help if we get mad about this proposal and say all the wrong things.

You can respond directly through the web site above, Consultation Module.   Or call me Kevin Welsby 741035, email kwelsby@sky.com  and I will pass your comments onto the Parish Council.