Bramford Parish Council

A Village Community

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Parish Councillors are all volunteers and may not fully know the timescales and requirements for "official" enquiries.  Please contact the Parish Clerk in the first instance.

Diana Stroh
Parish Room
Old School House
Ship Lane

Tel: 01473 747433 e-mail:

We are always pleased to talk about our work for the Parish so if you want to talk to a councillor direct our contact details are as follows.

Mandy Brand,   Mill Bank, Mill Lane, 01473  741127

Barry Earthy,  4 Acton Gardens, 01473  749033

John Gardiner,   53, Leggatt Drive, 01473  464429

Wayne Holton,   32 Fitzgerald Road,  01473 748180

Albert Horn,   Kirkland, The Street, IP8 4DY,  01473 749969

Gareth Key (Chair),  The Limes, Limes Avenue, 01473  742648

Peter Kingham,  52 Palmcroft Rd, Ipswich, 01473 743635